• Question: What would you say to a 10-year-old version of yourself?

    Asked by star361ear to Simon, Paul, Nawapat, Natalie, Katy on 20 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Natalie Fowler

      Natalie Fowler answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      I’d say that the world really is your oyster, you can be anything you want to be if you are willing to work hard and stay positive. Never let anyone else’s negativity get you down!

    • Photo: Paul Laurance-Young

      Paul Laurance-Young answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      Don’t lose your focus, there will be time to play and time to work. I spent an awful lot of time playing when I should have been working; Consequently as an adult I have had to work twice as hard to make up for it. You have different options when you have worked hard; where you choose to take your life becomes yours to decide and not one imposed by your circumstances.

    • Photo: Nawapat Kaweeyanun

      Nawapat Kaweeyanun answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      Your future may change a lot. Keep an open mind and don’t dismiss a chance to do something just because it doesn’t seem like something you would do. Life’s much more fun when you are flexible!