• Question: Do you LIKE you jobs????????

    Asked by kad_kittydragon_2805 to Simon, Selen, Paul, Nawapat, Natalie, Katy on 9 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by bellk19, Maciej, issy_ttttt_, five361den, skywriter2019, science :).
    • Photo: Nawapat Kaweeyanun

      Nawapat Kaweeyanun answered on 9 Nov 2019:

      I really like my job and glad that I have been able to do this work every day.

    • Photo: Paul Laurance-Young

      Paul Laurance-Young answered on 10 Nov 2019:

      It certainly has its moments! Like any job, there are good things and bad things: bad days have way, way too much to do and not enough time (like having to do four different tasks, each one requiring to be finished yesterday), good days are busy so the time passes quickly and is inspirational – case in point: yesterday I was at a university Open Day answering questions about the course, placements, etc – seeing the next generation of bioscientists, with so many questions to ask and such enthusiasm is what makes teaching them so worthwhile.
      Marking, on the other hand… that sucks.

    • Photo: Natalie Fowler

      Natalie Fowler answered on 10 Nov 2019:

      I love my job! It’s so varied and rewarding. I’m active through the day and I use my brain cells regularly so it ticks all the boxes for me.

    • Photo: Katy Bruce

      Katy Bruce answered on 10 Nov 2019: last edited 10 Nov 2019 7:37 pm

      Of course! I love having lots of different roles in different places – it makes every day varied and interesting. I am passionate about helping victims of crime by researching new ways to analyse evidence or new evidential types. Being able to help patients who are in pain, frightened or injured when they come through the door into the hospital’s emergency department is hugely rewarding. Being able to teach and demonstrate for the undergraduates at the university is also hugely rewarding but in a completely different way. And of course the outreach I do is fantastic fun!

    • Photo: Selen Ozbek

      Selen Ozbek answered on 13 Nov 2019:

      Definitely! There were times I had to work in other jobs during my studies, and I realize now that the difference is massive. I feel fulfilled and content when I am doing my job, because learning and helping people are my core values so science is the perfect field for both. 🙂